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Riga Art and media school was founded in 1989. The school is located in Imanta, the western part of Riga. At the moment about 850 students are studying here Design, Art and Crafts – Wood, Metal, Textile, Interior and Advertising Design, Decorative Form Design, Graphics Design, Multimedia, Animation, Photo and Audio Visual Design.

The goal of the School is to prepare young people for successful entering the labour market and acquiring further education.

The school has developed its own education programmes to provide the students with secondary education, comprehensive practical work experience and the opportunity to specialize in certain branches of Design, Art and Crafts.

Every year students are enrolled in following departments:

Visual Design  Department
•    Interior Design Specialist
•    Visual Advertising Design Specialist
•    Design Specialist of Decorative Forms
•    Environmental Design Specialist

Textile Art Department
•    Textile Design Specialist
•    Clothing Design Specialist

Woodworks Processing and Metal Art Department
•    Style furniture designer
•    Metalware Performer

•    Construction

Media Art  Department
•    Multimedia Design Specialist (WEB design)
•    Multimedia Design Specialist (Animation)
•    Video operator
•    Photo Design specialist

The school graduates can continue their studies in educational institutions of Latvia or abroad. Certificates of International Education Society guarantee that their education will be recognized by employers and educational institutions of Europe. Graduates can work for state or private enterprises, start their own business.

Educational Programmes are accredited.
For entering four-year full-time programmes completed elementary education (9 grades) is required.

Entrance examinations
Drawing, Composition, Practical skills

The school provides training for entrance examinations.

Every year we also enroll adult students in different study programmes  - Multimedia Design Specialist, Interior Design Specialist, Visual Advertising Design Specialist etc.  as well the school organizes short-term courses in Wood carving, Wood processing, Drawing, Painting, Form design, Weaving.

Several times a year the school holds information days.

Metalware Performer

Metalwork art performed in the school roots in Latvian ethnographic traditions. It includes ferrous metal forging, bronze casting, silver forging, non-ferrous metal casting, making decorative elements, modern and ethnographic jewellery. The school has a forging workshop with 18 forges, a powerful metal casting workroom and a jeweler’s workroom. Long-lasting traditions and practical use are the basics of metalwork art.

Multimedia Design Specialist (WEB design)

Nowadays anyone who wants to be known needs a webpage. Our students acquire all necessary skills and knowledge to make webpages starting from the idea, throughout survey, analysis and samples. Ability to work with image, sound, graphics as well as knowledge of graphical modeling and modern IT possibilities make our students competitive in labour market. The graduation project involves making a webpage for a real order.

Multimedia Design Specialist (Animation)

Animation comes most popular with new ways to use it. This programme is giving skills and knowledges of different types of the animation. Starting with scenario, image, sound, graphics as well as knowledge of graphical modeling and modern IT possibilities make our students competitive in labour market. Using of different technologies as doll, 2D drawing and 3D modelled animation makes our students ready for every type of animating job in media and WEB design companies.

Video Operator

This is one of the newest education programmes in the school. It was worked out in cooperation with labour market representatives from Latvia Association of Broadcasting Organisations. Some specialists of the branch are involved in the professional training process. Students acquire video and sound processing, filming, photography, and do their internship in mass media companies and film studios.

Visual Advertising Specialist

This education programme gives skills and knowledge in professional subjects, such as drawing, composition, colour studies, letter studies, technical graphics, computer graphics, basics of graphic design, applied graphics, basics of spatial layout, visual advertising design. Our graduates successfully enter visual advertising market or/and continue their education in institutions of higher education.

Interior Design Specialist

This education programme gives skills and knowledge in professional subjects, such as drawing, composition, colour studies, letter studies, technical graphics, computer graphics and others. The course places emphasis on practical work of designing interiors. The qualification project involves designing real interiors. For example, students take part in designing the school rooms. Our graduates successfully work in their specialty or study in Latvia or other countries.

Design Specialist of Decorative Forms

This education programme offers such professional subjects as drawing, composition, technical graphics, photography, letter studies, computer graphics, as well as practical studies in colour visualization, graphic design techniques, decorative forms modeling, spatial layout. Students learn to form decorative elements and items working with plaster of Paris, foam plastic, clay, faience, porcelain, glass, silicone and other materials.

Leatherware Design Specialist

Students of this education programme learn to work with leather, fabric, synthetic materials, paper for designing and making functional and decorative items and elements of interior.

Clothing Design Specialist

Students learn to sketch, construct, design, sue clothes and demonstrate the garments to public. Besides, students acquire various textile decoration techniques, such as fabric painting, felting, machine embroidery.

Textile Design Specialist

This education programme combines folk weaving traditions with modern fibre art to produce fabrics for making clothes, bags and other accessories. The old weaving techniques perfectly meet demands of modern textile art. A common practice is to combine textile with other materials which is a good example of cooperation with other programmes of the school.

Period Cabinet Performer

Furniture is part of people’s everyday life, a habitual necessity, though artists and craftsmen’s skills and abilities raise it to the level of artistic work.
/Imants Lancmanis/
This education programme involves carpentry, woodcarving, woodturning, upholstery, cabinet making, furniture decoration (marquetry, polishing, gilding), furniture restoration.Our students and graduates’ skills have contributed to the school popularity not only in Latvia but also in some European countries. We made interiors for 46 churches, furniture for 7 embassies, furniture for children’s homes. Our students take part in contests of European and the world scale (EuroSkill, WordSkill). Graduates successfully enter the labour market, launch own enterprises.

Visual Design Specialist

The education programme is aimed at preparing qualified visual design specialists who will be able to provide visual communication for various cultural projects such as theatre performances, filming locations, exhibitions, as well as showcases’ design.

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